Check health of your website

Check health of your website

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There are many signs of an Unhealthy website, now you can do full health check for your own website.Check your website for some important issues that needs to be fixed.

1. Not following w3c standards

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international consortium whose sole purpose is to develop standards for the web. It offers markup validation service to website owners to determine if their website comprises of all the current standards. If your website does not follow W3C recommendation standards then it is a basic problem with your site that should be fixed.

2. Usability Design issues that may harm your website

Firstly as we all know design of any website attracts visitors to your website, many design issues in your website can make your distract your visitors away from your website. Problems that may affect your website are:

  • Poor navigational menus.
  • Poor image implementation.
  • Poor formatting.
  • Even a lack of readability.

3. Broken links

Check your site for broken links, when a broken link is encountered by the googlebot it will show 404 Page not found error message .This error usually occurs when you deleted or renamed any page of your website without redirecting the old URL to a new URL, or because of a typo in a link. Broken link in a website fails in satisfying the visitors, hence check all the links of your website whether they are broken links.

4. Content issues

most of the websites suffer because of their content issues, developers develop the websites very neatly, but the content inside the website should also be clear and unique, many content issues can make a site fall from its actual rank, sometimes developers along with the website owners are not aware about all the content issues, the following are the most common possible content issues that can harm your site:

Code to text ratio:

The ratio of code to text of a website should be in between 25-70%, check out is your website fulfill this ratio, if not then your site is not healthy.

Bad spelling or grammar mistakes:

content of your website should not contain any grammar mistakes and should be appropriate in terms of spellings you are using in your site.

Duplicate content:

being unique is better than being perfect



make sure your website does not contain plenty of duplicate content same as some other website on web, recently in an article by matt cutts, he stated that duplicate content does not harm your website unless and until your content is spamming, try to use content that genuinely relate to your website.

5. Check whether load time of your site is not forcing visitors to run away

Load time plays an important role for getting/loosing visitors from your site, the average load time of any website should be in between 3-5 seconds, more the load time, more the visitors running from your site , load time of a website is affected by many factors like:

  • Check the current load time of your website
  • Optimize your images
  • Avoid large images
  • Compress and Optimize Your Content
  • Use external css and javascript files
  • Minimize HTTP request
  • Avoid 301 redirects

6. Non-specific/similar page titles

Add a specific and appropriate page title to your website, and make sure your all the pages does not contain similar titles, if this would happen so, your website will not be crawled even if your site has perfect content.


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