Convert your effective seo results into paying customers

Convert your effective seo results into paying customers

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Performing SEO practice on a website is not just enough for the website. Visitors of the site should use the services or buy a product of that site. This is the main outcome of effective SEO. Converting visitors to customers however depends on the human tendency; in short thinking of human optimization is not a wrong term. The elements that are to be taken care of while thinking of converting visitors to customers.


When we first arrive at any website the first thing that we notice knowingly or unknowingly is the design. Have you ever thought about –What makes people trust one website than other? , obviously it is “its design”. Websites are like beautiful gardens, you walk inside, feel surroundings and you will feel comfortable transacting with the business. Websites that look spammy and amateurish loses its visitors easily. People turn away from them not because they are not pretty, but because poorly design sites indicate that the business behind them is unprofessional.

Design is less important for the giant popular websites mostly because of their reputation; people know that they can safely use these sites. But smaller companies and the new companies do not enjoy this built-in-trust.

 Unique factor

After a clean and organized design, the next is unique factor, what unique thing you have that others don’t, what you need to say about yourself to convince people to choose your company, that means your site should answer the question “why choose us?”. Showing uniqueness to people leads you to achieve your goals.


Now with the design and uniqueness in your site, the visitors are impressed and it’s time to deliver more information to your visitors. Giving appropriate information to all the questions that are arising in the visitor’s mind like “what do you sell?,” how it works?” etc. simply give your customers everything they need to commit. There are number of websites that unnecessarily hide the information. Also the information like products, price, process, resources etc should be clearly stated.

Be clear and honest

No matter how much your design is impressive or how unique you are, if you make any dishonest move or you are not clear with your terms and conditions then it will be complete disaster for your site. You need to be honest and clear with your services and standards you provide.

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