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Google Sandbox

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It does not make any difference for your new website whether it consists of unique content or number of juicy links. Google has its own game for newly developed websites; your website will not be able to gain good rank for competitive keywords on first 100 results.

Google sandbox is an imaginary box where the newly formed websites need to reside for couple of months to gain ranks. Google formed this type of system so that to keep spammers away from the whole ecosystem of web. For Google TrustRank is very important. Until and unless a new domain does not acquire a proper trust of Google, it will not be indexed for the 100 results. This approach of Google is to stop the number of spammers who wants good ranking in less time.

The sandbox can create a scenario where the website is caught by improved algorithms or manual review prior to becoming highly productive. In short it can be imagined as Google is putting new sites into holding pen preventing them from ranking well for any competitive until a period of time has passed.

When you have a new website, you need to know what you must expect from the big  “G”oogle.

 0-2 months: the time of being invisible

When your website is 0-2 months older, and no matter what so ever valuable stuffs you add to your website, for Google you are a stranger, and Google does not trust strangers. This does not mean you should be inactive; in fact you need to be more active while your website is in this stage. This is the stage where you need to maximum concentrate on link building. Google watches every single link built during this phase, analyzing whether your site deserves jump out off the sandbox or not. If you fail in building links then your site will remain sandboxed.

2-4 months: trustrank is all you have

After around 2 months your site can now be visible near 100 results in google search only if it has appropriate trustrank, but it cannot still gain position for first page with competitive keywords.

4-6 months: increase your trust factor

If you are successful in building links for 3-4 months in a smooth way, then after at this stage now your site will be seen moderately for competitive phrases. Now if any another site has same number and quality of links as you have but if it is older than yours, then that site will be above your website.

6-12 months: now no more invisibility

After 6 months now your site will gain a good rank for difficult competitive phrases except 2% of the most coveted keywords out there.

1-2 years: now you are full trust worthy

At this level now your site will be visible for all the tuff keywords if you are successful in building the links smoothly all way till now.

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