“Code is for Communicating ideas, it’s requires clarity”

Why do you need clean code?

Clean code is code that is easy to understand and easy to change.Easy to understand means the code is easy to read, whether that reader is the original author of the code or somebody else.It is easy to understand specifically:

  • The execution flow of the entire application
  • How the different objects collaborate with each other
  • The role and responsibility of each class
  • What each method does
  • What is the purpose of each expression and variable

Easy to change, it can be achieved if the person making the changes understands the code and also feels confident that the changes introduced in the code do not break any existing functionality. 

What Kind of services we offer?

At Thakker Technologies, We provide clean and well documented code for your website and mobile application. Our developers create simple codes that are easy to understand , they are fully skilled to make your code neat and in readable manner.



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