Keyword research

Keyword research

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Keyword research is one of the most important parts of the search engine marketing. Through the work of detecting demanding keywords related to your site you ensure the maximum number of target customers. Also most importantly keyword research depends on many factors like the changing market demand, ensuring that you are producing the products and services that searchers are already actively seeking. However there are many keyword research tools available that may help you in targeting beneficial keywords.

Understanding the intent of searcher

Whenever users type their search queries for search engines, you are not sure about the language they are going to use. They may use entirely different language than what you are expecting. Even if you are offering the same services they are looking for. Other aspects also include the target population (male/female, age, income, etc.), where they live, and the time of year. It is important to understand the intention of  the target audience and choose keywords accordingly.

Dealing with long tail keywords

Apart from the popular search keywords, there also exist the majority of long tail keyword searches per day. The tail contains hundreds of millions of unique searches that might be conducted only a few times in a day, or even only once but when taken as a whole they comprise the majority of the world’s demand for information through search engines.

Include competitive analysis

During keyword research process for your website, you should analyze your competitor’s keywords to get idea about the targeted keywords.

Keyword research with tools

A large number of tools are available for keyword research on the basis of number of searches performed on specific keywords, and also help you discover new keywords to consider.

But one thing that should be keep in mind is that each tool shows different results based on the limited data, also each tool shows different word count from other.

You should consider these tools in a good way rather than comparing with each other. If you are just starting from the scratch consider starting with Google Keyword Tool, then Wordtracker and then after KeywordDiscovery.

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