Off page site audit factors

Off page site audit factors

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In past years on page factors were enough to perform optimization for any site, but now days off page factors are more important than on page, you get success in your seo practices only if you perform your off page optimization correctly.

Number of Backlinks

When talking about the off-page factors, the first and foremost is the number of backlinks your site is receiving. Most importantly 50 links from the same “root” domain is similar to 5 links from different domains. Therefore try to gain maximum number of backlinks from different number of “root” domains.

backlink ratio

Page authority and Domain authority

  • Page authority is the measurement through which you may know the possibility of any webpage to be found by the search engine. It is a logarithmic scale from 0-100. Check the page authority of the webpage from which you receive backlink.
  • Domain authority is the measure of the power of domain name, and it is one of the important factors of search engine ranking factors. It is measured by the three terms- Domain age, popularity and size. Hence domain authority check should be done while receiving a backlink.

Promoting the website

Promotion of the website plays a noteworthy role in attracting maximum number of visitors to your website. In today’s generation all are very active in social media , hence let everyone know about your site and your services.

Social media promotion

social media promotion


 Business pages on major social media platform

Business pages are the best ways for engaging people; therefore your website must have business pages on all most all the media platforms.

Social media buttons

Almost all the websites have their social buttons either on Top of the website, bottom or sides. These buttons also increases your number of visitors for the website. You can try something different for this.

YouTube channel



When talking about social media promotion, how can we forget the most popular media: youtube, youtube use have been grown tremendously over the years, now people love to watch videos instead of reading to understand any concept deeply. Your website must have this.

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