PHP application Development

When it comes to interactive and functional web applications, PHP Web Development is the very first name that strikes one’s mind. It is the most profitable option to get proficient  and powerful applications. Its free availability makes it all the more popular among developers.

By using PHP Web Development, one can get the desired features customized within applications. However, to make the most of this trending technology, it is essential to hire proficient application developers with comprehensive knowledge of the scripting language, development tools, and technologies.

Benefits of PHP Development

PHP is a server side scripting language that provides great opportunities to the developers to explore and Practice. Clients, as well as developers get several profits from this platform because:

  • It is easily available to developers
  • It supports many platforms and different web servers
  • It has a big community to support the technology improvement
  • It is easy to learn and deploy
  • It supports rapid application development by using various development frameworks
  • It is continuously updated to boost its functionality
  • It has different open source CMS

 PHP Web Development at Thakker Technologies

We have a highly polished team of developers Maintain and developing applications tailored to your preferred features. Heedless of the complexity of projects, PHP application developers are proficient of building customized applications by using the latest web trends and technologies. Our development services deliver applications specifically developed to meet your needs. We provide you with:

  • Customized PHP applications that support your business logic and constitute online processing
  • eCommerce applications that are tailored for online shopping or bids
  • Web portal development like travel, finance, share & stocks, fashion, entertainment etc.
  • Services for web API development and integration
  • Development services for plugins and components to build up existing web applications without changing the original quality
  • CRM and CMS development

PHP application developers at Thakker Technologies are supplied with the latest tools and technologies to meet any sort of project requirements. Programmers at Thakker Technologies are expert in using all PHP technologies that include-


  • CakePHP
  • Zend Development
  • Core PHP
  • Open Source CMS
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  • PHP
  • MVC framework
  • Ajax
  • XML

If you are looking to develop or upgrade your Website or Web Application, we get you the best source. To know more about our PHP Web Development services, you just need to CONTACT US or fill the REQUEST A QUOTE  form for an Inquiry.

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